The world of social media is filled with noise from every direction with businesses big and small competing to be the loudest. Companies are utilizing social media in countless ways to stay relevant and those who aren’t are being drowned away in all that noise.

With industry leaders pushing hundreds of thousands of dollars into Facebook ad campaigns and posting every minute on Twitter it is easy to become discouraged and reluctant when it comes to venturing into social media marketing but the fact of the matter is: you need to start now.

Small businesses everywhere are building their social media presence and managing successful campaigns and this is why: 

Brand Awareness

Companies want their customers to know they exist. You could create the best product known to mankind but if no one knows it exists, how could you expect them to buy it? 

It’s important that companies have social media profiles with regular activity for potential customers to discover them and engage. Cultivating customer awareness is the first step in an effective sales funnel and social media is a great place to raise that awareness.

Stay Relevant

Successful companies are the ones who are engaged in the online conversation related to their industry. Companies are engaging in these conversations by tracking customer dialogue and delivering to their customers what they need in accordance to what they are asking.

Only social media provides that invaluable and unique interaction. Companies who are relevant stay active on platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. They post relevant content and communicate with their customers regularly and as a result are producing better and more effective products and services solely because they are a part of that conversation.

Track Your Competitors

Competitors are going to tell their potential and current customer base what they are doing before they tell you. 

In fact, they’re never going to tell you in a friendly Facebook message about an exciting new product, promotion, or service that is meant to compete with your business. It is your responsibility to be the business ninja you are and sneak around their social media pages to figure that out. This is how small businesses stay ahead of the curve.

Partner With Influencers

Influencer marketing, the modern day word-of-mouth marketing strategy, is still a hot topic and if your company is in the consumer products industry then partnering with an influencer on social media can be extremely beneficial. 

Sure, finding the right influencer and landing a mutually beneficial deal can be daunting but with a little bit of research and shopping around you can find the perfect match who can help you raise brand awareness, drive traffic to your website, and increase sales.

Become An Industry Leader

The clock is ticking and companies who don’t utilize social media marketing are running out of time. Having a presence on social media is crucial because companies who wish to become industry leaders will have to stay current, relevant, and available on social media in order to build the online following necessary to compete and build the trust required to become a well known and respectable brand. This takes time — a lot of it. 

If you need any help building your social media presence, creating a plan and strategy, and delivering an effective execution Reeder Media is here to help! Call us at (760) 723-7319 to schedule your free consultation or click here to have one of our experts reach out to you. 

The time to start working on your social media presence is not tomorrow, it is not today, it was yesterday. Let that sink in…

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