An expanding and evolving business model


Village News Inc. is undergoing a significant transformation to become more relevant in this rapidly changing technological world and to continue to provide unique value to businesses and communities. We are establishing Reeder Media Group to encompass all our existing print products – The Village News, The Valley News, Anza Valley Outlook, Sourcebook magazine, etc. – as well as our emerging digital offerings. In addition to our traditional website advertising products, we will be offering website design services, video production and marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), reputation management, social media management, and social media marketing services. Reeder Media will transform into a full featured / full service “boutique” marketing and PR agency with a printed media division, a Hispanic publication division and a digital services division.

We are capable of designing and managing complex technology and information solutions for our clients in order to enhance their exposure in both the print and digital marketplaces. Content marketing, reader engagement and data collection are keys to these strategic initiatives. Investors who are interested in Reeder Media’s past, present and future should contact:

Julie Reeder, President