Google ads are expensive, complicated, and confusing. There are so many variables involved in committing to a Google AdWord campaign that it can raise more doubts to your resolve than solutions to your problems. So here is a simple two-stage test to check your current eligibility. If you answered “yes” to any questions, apply that number’s point value to your total score. Let’s take the test and see:

Budget Flexibility (+2 points) 

Are you looking for some flexibility?

Whether your budget is $100, $500, or $25,000, it doesn’t matter. You can set any budget you want. You can go high, you can go low, there are no limitations!

Reach and Awareness (+2 points)

Do you need the ability to reach a large audience? 

With billions of searches daily, there is no question that Google dominates its competitors. If you are looking to reach millions of users browsing the internet and using Google search religiously, you really can’t go wrong or get anything better outside of Google Ads. The possibilities are endless…

Quicker (+1 points)

Do you need improved traffic results and more sales immediately? 

We live in an age of instant gratification and there is no debate on whether or not Google satisfies the cravings of ambitious businesses and marketers everywhere. You could spend hours of work and buckets of money on an SEO strategy to help your website rank on Google. With Google Ads, you simply pay for the keywords you need and let Google do the rest.

Google is merciless (-1 point)

Posting something that smells slightly political?

If you don’t know what you are doing, you could quickly be unable to continue a campaign if you break rules you don’t know about. You can actually be penalized and lose traffic, being virtually undiscoverable on Google. I know it seems unfair, but we don’t make the rules here. We just have to make sure we follow them.

You might be attracting the wrong traffic (-1 point)

Are you doing it yourself? 

Poor keyword research and keyword buys can send the wrong users to your website (unqualified leads). You might be a sports store (brick-and-mortar business), but if your store is in San Diego and you are only getting online traffic from Los Angeles, you can count your campaign as a failure. No one is driving from Los Angeles to San Diego to buy a baseball bat and glove any time soon.

Expensive and Complicated (-2 points)

Are we on a strict budget and can’t take much risk?  

It’s totally okay to resist a trend in marketing if it simply does not match your goals or you simply can’t budget for. There are plenty of alternatives. Google Ads is not only confusing to learn but can be very expensive. You could pay as little as a dollar for one-click, twenty dollars, or as high as 100 dollars. Sometimes certain ideas are too complicated or too expensive to pursue and that is a completely acceptable conclusion. 

Let’s look at our results:

  1. +3 and more: start a campaign now!
  2. -4 through +2: don’t start a campaign!

If you’re not convinced by a test score that warns against doing one, we suggest giving us a call today. A personalized consultation may be needed and is completely free of charge. Call (760) 723-7319 now. We look forward to hearing from you.

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