Our growing staff is celebrating our 18th year in business!

We’re dedicated to bring you the most relevant local news 24/7. Our staff consists of about 40 people who do everything from answering your calls, writing stories, photography, marketing/advertising, graphics, delivery, technical/web work, a complete news/video department and studio, and more. We are excited to be the hub that connects our community: residents to businesses, schools to the community, nonprofits to our readers, etc.

The more connected we are, the stronger we are as a community. The more educated we are as a community on local issues, whether about crime or education or road projects, the more effective we are in bringing positive change.

That’s our purpose and we are thankful to be entrusted by you to continue in our work. We are an independent news organization that is made up of all local residents. We all live here, shop here, and are raising our families here, so we are passionate about our communities and take our mission seriously.

Our growing list of products includes our print publications such as:

In addition to offering digital versions of the outlets listed above, we have also expanded our digital presence with a number of new websites, including:

You help us when you interact with us with suggestions, news tips, by subscribing, and supporting our advertisers. It allows us to continue to meet the needs of our communities.

We renew our commitment to you that we will search out and communicate all the local news you need in order to stay informed. Do you have some news? Do you have a friend, business, family member, event, or group that is newsworthy? Remember, we are always searching for relevant information and depend on each and every one of you to help us find that information.

If you don’t yet receive our community newspaper in your mailbox every week, contact us. It’s only $45 for the year.